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Nawlins ... again.

Posted by The_Chef On 12:53 PM 3 comments

So according to a CNN interview with the Mayor of New Orleans the national Guard/ local police are simply tossing any looters caught into the federal penitentiary. So much for due process. I mean they might be reading him (as there was only one arrest made for looting at the time of the interview) his rights and just tossing him there for the time being.Still it worries me that in a time of "emergency" the cops/Nat. Guard get to just throw cuffs on you, toss you in a cell, and that's that. There is supposed to be steps that are gone through before a trial.

Here's the thing, it's not that I disagree with this one case so much as I do the idea behind it. In this case such actions might be warranted, but it is still the responsibility of liberty loving Americans to stay vigilant.


3 Response for the "Nawlins ... again."

  1. The government has a monopoly on "security" and "justice" backed by pure violence. People should not be surprised by their actions, but certainly disgusted.

    They will do whatever they want especially when the population is docile and does not react too strongly to their jackboot tactics.

    To believe an organization (government) can check and balance itself while having a monopoly on stealing and violence is absurd.

    Might as well have the mafia run your local government.

  2. The_Chef says:

    Oh come now Azrael,

    I may be a philosophical anarchist, but people aren't ready for anarcho-capitalism yet. I wish to god we could make things work, but there are even philosophical problems in anarchy as an idea.

    I'm a minarchist, which to some libertarians of the Murray Rothbard variety, makes me a heretic.

    I just don't see society as we know it today being able to function without some sort of coercive force in place.

  3. I never said people were ready. Does not mean I cannot point out the irrationality of statism.

    Mankind is too indoctrinated and dependent on government. Atheism is on the rise and we can only hope somewhere down the line anarchy follows before governments turn the planet into a wasteland.

    I do not care is someone is a minarchist myself.