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Thoughts on Palin

Posted by The_Chef On 11:20 PM 2 comments

I don't like John McCain. In fact, I don't really like any politicians that I can think of (I exclude Ron Paul because anyone with a Murray Rothbard Picture in their office ain't a politician). So I flipped on the tube and wanted to see what all the hoopla was about over this woman.

Upon hearing her speak and watching her take shots at the opposition ... I can see why the Democrats are scared of this woman. She's everything the modern feminists believe a woman should be, except she hunts, she's not pro-abortion, and ... well she's a Rep. She's well spoken.

I believe it was DailyKos where some asshat commenters referred to her as 'trailer trash'. You're just jealous that the woman on the Republicrat ticket looks good enough to wear skirts.

This doesn't change my feelings on politics or those that participate in it. But she doesn't seem like too bad of a woman ... And she isn't hard on the eyes either. (Hell the website went up right after she accepted the VP slot!)

Who knows, honestly I don't freakin' care anymore, it's a damned circus.

Oh did I mention she's hot?


2 Response for the "Thoughts on Palin"

  1. I almost did a write up on Palin myself. I love how the liberals attack her with terms that will piss off people that live in towns, the woods, and in states that are considered backwater states. Liberals like to shoot themselves in the foot. It is a fun/disturbing circus to watch.

  2. VH says:

    I really like Palin. There are issues that she stands for that I disagree with but I am most concerned with someone that has a track record of not being afraid to go against their own party. I also like that she's a Washington outsider...we need more of those. And she's hot.