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Go Hug Your Pet.

Posted by The_Chef On 2:52 PM 0 comments

I want everyone here to go hug their dog/cat/bird/lizard/large fuzzy spider when they get home today.

Via Reason's Hit&Run Blog which is via an article from the Washington Post.

Internal Investigation: Slaughter of Mayor's Dogs During Botched Drug Raid Justified

In a decision that shouldn't surprise anyone, an internal investigation by the Prince George's County, Maryland Sheriff's Department has determined that raiding officers acted entirely appropriately when they shot and killed two pet Labradors during a mistaken drug raid at the home of Berwyn Heights Mayor Cheye Calvo.

Neither Calvo nor his mother-in-law—both in the house as the raid transpired—were interviewed for the investigation. Calvo says one of the dogs was shot as it was running away, an assertion supported by a veterinary examination showing an entry wound to the back of one of the dog's legs.
The dogs ... were running away from the cops! RUNNING AWAY.

It should be noted for those of you not familiar with the case that one officer remarked the raid was "very exciting" and she "looked forward to more in the future" according to reports from the Mayor.

When was the last time anyone ever saw an aggressive Lab? Hmmm? Those dogs will bark their heads off until they get close enough ... to lick you to death.

This shit makes me fucking sick. Of COURSE the "internal review" found nothing wrong. That, ladies and gentlemen is nothing but cronyism. Gotta protect your brother and sister cops because they can't do any wrong, the system can't appear to be broken so bullshit like this and corruption gets covered up all the time.

So ... Fuck the Prince George Police Dept., fuck their supposed "internal investigation", fuck the war on drug, and please ... go home and hug your pets.


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