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Christians vs. Beck?!

Posted by The_Chef On 7:57 PM 5 comments

So Glen Beck opens his fool mouth and a ... I guess you could call him a "progressive" Christian ... calls him out on the whole thing.

Now I don't like Glen Beck. He's a loudmouth that is interested in nothing more than tossing mud and entertaining his audience and makes an attempt to sound 'libertarian'. And while he sounds okay when he has on people like Penn Gillette or other libertarians, he sounds like a raving loon most of the rest of the time.

On the other hand I'm not a religious person and I don't care for most of the "christians" I've met. Note that I say MOST of them, not all.

Well what is the deal? Defining social justice and economic justice are sticky issues to begin with. So while I believe that everyone should be looked at in the same way legally, we're living in an imperfect world where not everything is equal.

So what is the solution? I never thought I would say this but ... I agree with a Falwell (yes that Jr. one that succeeded his stupid windbag, douchebag father).

"Jesus taught that we should give to the poor and support widows, but he never said that we should elect a government that would take money from our neighbor's hand and give it to the poor," Falwell says.

Falwell says that Jesus believed that individuals, not governments, should help the poor.
The nature of being a Christian, at least as I see it is that, it ought to be the individual conviction of Christians to help those that are in need and deserve it. However it doesn't seem to me to be a moral thing to put people in power who put a gun in people's face in order to redistribute wealth in a manner that some group deems to be "proper" or "just".

Anyone that advocates the redistribution of private property as a "moral good" is nothing but a thief.
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5 Response for the "Christians vs. Beck?!"

  1. Steve K says:

    Indeed. Christ abhored governments and legal systems. Christ's very purpose in coming was to abolish the traditional Jewish law by fulfilling it. This pastor is an idiot who has a very shallow understanding of Christianity.


  2. jon says:

    christianity is (1) recognizing that you are a sinner and (2) accepting jesus as your one and only savior. that's it. no more and no less. adding epicycles to this is counterproductive, especially when you pretend you need a pope to tell you what to do, or to eat a wafer to be saved, or some such pagan nonsense.

    there are things which might follow from christianity, or might not, but it could only be on an individual basis because the lord is a personal lord.

    "social justice" and "economic justice" are just code words for vanguard party bolshevism, which has been subversively inculcated in the catholic church, largely because the latter operates on pagan principles to begin with and they dovetail nicely. the same marxist tripe that killed millions of innocent russians is best buds with the catholic variety that fields an inquisition to this day to eliminate actual christians, believers of the faith alone.

    not only did jesus teach against government, he was born and secreted away in defiance of government, he was tempted by satan with the power of all government, and he eventually died at the hands of government. at least, the institutional government provided by the political means -- not that peaceful governance which is provided for free by an unhampered market.

  3. bob r says:

    Not trying to change your mind about Beck (I don't have a TV so I very rarely hear anything he has to say) but on occasion he has something to say that is worth listening to.

    The keynote speech at CPAC:
    Part 1/6

  4. The_Chef says:

    Yes yes I understand the difference from what Christians are supposed to be like and how they actually are. The simple fact of the matter is that the majority of your brethren care more about gay marriage ( an issue I think the state has no business whatsoever in) and being general moral busybodies to everyone else in the US than they do getting their own house in order.

    I do acknowledge there are a few of you all I respect. But they are few.

    @ Steve K, I don't think he has a shallow interpretation. I think he's doing some justification of his "religious" beliefs so that he can say they align with his political beliefs.

    @ bob re: beck
    No you will not change my mind on him. The man is a charlatan who couches his absurdity in the terms of freedom while really just being a right wing shill. The guy can cry on command, and makes some VERY unliberty like statements on his show. I'm not saying he won't come around, but someone needs to shove some Murray Rothbard down his throat and open his eyes.

  5. bob r says:

    chef: "No you will not change my mind on him."

    Well, like I said: "Not trying to change your mind about Beck..."

    Not in the least meaning to say your characterization of him is wrong in _any_ way. I was only pointing out what I thought was a very good speech.

    Re: Rothbard. I think _most_ people would benefit greatly from a good dose -- some more than others. And even those not directly exposed would benefit if those in the "media" were force fed a "healthy" dose.