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So I picked this up a bit late from Penny Arcade but here it is. Apparently one of the writers, a one Kevin McCullough, at (basically a raving neo-con/Christian-tyrant moralist hotbed) is flipping shit about the content of ... wait for it ... a video game. A video game named Mass Effect to be more specific.

Here is a link to his "article".

I say "article" because I don't think the guy ever played the game. McCullough claims that this game is part of a new movement to pervert our children into mindless sexually compulsive kids. Ummm wait a second ... let me get this straight you want to fearmonger people about a game you have not played? So you actually don't know the content of the game? So you're basically pulling things out of your ass? ... Thought so.

And let me tell you, this box art just SCREAMS cyber-orgy.

Gabe and Tycho at Penny Arcade have done a great job of shooting holes all through his article.

Here is yet ANOTHER breakdown point by point of his article from Right Thoughts.

God I hate Neo-Cons...


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