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FOX News

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... Unbalanced, Biased, Unethical

David Codrea over at War on Guns has on interesting idea since Ron Paul is being excluded from the Fox News Debate.

I quote this from David, so he takes credit for this.

"If negotiations are unsuccessful at getting [Ron Paul] in at the last minute, they should do three things--they should be starting on them now:

1. Use a portion of that $20M they've raised to buy a 1-minute ad for Ron to be aired immediately before the debate--if not on Fox, then on their competitor CNN. The content of the ad should be to call attention to his exclusion, to provide an overview of his message, and to direct viewers to #2,

2. Have Ron live on the Internet at the same time as the debate, answering all questions posed to the candidates on the Fox program. This could actually work to his advantage, as there would be no distractions from other candidates, no questions intentionally leaving him out, and no misrepresentations of his positions or statements by the other candidates. It could also draw a significant portion of the audience away from Fox.

3. Publicize the hell out of this. Issue press releases to get it into the news. Use the unprecedented Internet network Paul supporters have established."

Go minions... e-mail Fox News and get Paul ON THE DEBATE!


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