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NSA = Nosey Snoopy Assholes

Posted by The_Chef On 7:41 PM 5 comments

The NSA is freaking out over the possibility of cyberterrorism.

Here is a scary article from WIRED!.


The nation's top spy, Michael McConnell, thinks the threat of cyberarmageddon! is so great that the U.S. government should have unfettered and warrantless access to U.S. citizens' Google search histories, private e-mails and file transfers, in order to spot the cyberterrorists in our midst.
Wow ... someone has watched Live Free or Die Hard WAY WAY too many times. Goddamn! Get a clue, the people want the bureaucrats out of their lives, yesterday!


5 Response for the "NSA = Nosey Snoopy Assholes"

  1. Anonymous says:

    My deadbeat piece of shit ex husband has worked for NSA for 30 years - he's nothing but a deadbeat druggie, - they're all a bunch of cronies who cover up for each other - they're all criminals with a ticket for a free ride - he's a motherfucking piece of shit and they keep him there because they're all motherfucking shitfaced assholes.

  2. Jon says:

    Well thank you for that ...

    enthusiastic appraisal of the Agency.

    Perhaps in the future we could do with a little more logic and civility, Yes?

    Thank you.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I think I said that quite appropriately after all, the topic was called Nosey Snoopy Assholes. And by the way, he still is.

  4. Daniel says:


    Might you be the ignorant incompetent asshole. Thank your for stereotyping me and my friends based on your pathetic and poor choice in a mate. Get a clue you ignorant incompetent lousy son of a bitch.

    Next time use a bit of smarts before you say I do to a person. Maybe you turned him into a druggie with your constant negativity. I know I would consult Mr Drug Dealer and Jose Cuervo if i were married to you.

    Also thank you for taking for granted the very freedoms they protect.

  5. The_Chef says:

    please ... this post is old, let it die.

    If you want to have someone watching you at all times, move next to a snoopy neighbor.