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War on Drugs a Catastrophic Failure

Posted by The_Chef On 11:47 PM 4 comments

And this is coming from Fox News... wow.
Forty Years later and 1 trillion (That's $1,000,000,000,000).

Here is the breakdown from the article:

Using Freedom of Information Act requests, archival records, federal budgets and dozens of interviews with leaders and analysts, the AP tracked where that money went, and found that the United States repeatedly increased budgets for programs that did little to stop the flow of drugs. In 40 years, taxpayers spent more than:

$20 billion to fight the drug gangs in their home countries. In Colombia, for example, the United States spent more than $6 billion, while coca cultivation increased and trafficking moved to Mexico — and the violence along with it.

$33 billion in marketing "Just Say No"-style messages to America's youth and other prevention programs. High school students report the same rates of illegal drug use as they did in 1970, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says drug overdoses have "risen steadily" since the early 1970s to more than 20,000 last year.

$49 billion for law enforcement along America's borders to cut off the flow of illegal drugs. This year, 25 million Americans will snort, swallow, inject and smoke illicit drugs, about 10 million more than in 1970, with the bulk of those drugs imported from Mexico.

$121 billion to arrest more than 37 million nonviolent drug offenders, about 10 million of them for possession of marijuana. Studies show that jail time tends to increase drug abuse.

$450 billion to lock those people up in federal prisons alone. Last year, half of all federal prisoners in the U.S. were serving sentences for drug offenses.

Uh huh ... well ... not to put too fine a point on it, but ahem ... we told you so. Only a Government would continue such a failure and claim it's actually a success. What I don't understand is why the majority of the propaganda that gets shoveled down the people's collective throat. Of course Cocaine, Heroine, Methamphetamine, etc. will seriously mess you up. If legalized 99+% of people wouldn't go out and do coke or shoot up. More people might smoke a little pot on the weekend, but so what?

No one has the right what to tell you what you can put in your own body. However, If you step over the line and violate the property rights of someone else in a free society you'd get the book thrown at you. That is if the perpetrator survived the encounter.

Well, we have to keep the children safe. Right? RIGHT?!


4 Response for the "War on Drugs a Catastrophic Failure"

  1. Anonymous says:

    So - this means that pot smokers are winning the war on drugs. And the aren't out there shooting people while they win.

    I wonder how that makes the drug warriors feel...

  2. Shouldn't that caption say "Dueling ASSES"?

    Either you own yourself, and can do anything to your own body and life you want (including utterly destroying both), as long as you harm no other person, or you do not.

    Those who claim your drug use harms "society" are just trying to justify controlling you because your choices offend them. They are committing evil in the name of "helping".

    Almost all the "societal harm" of drug use is actually harm caused by the consequences of prohibition, not by the drugs themselves. Of course, Drug Warriors are addicted to their "cause" and will never face the truth.

  3. Jay21 says:

    Local paper had a write up on the same topic. Chalk it up to another "we are winning" area. While I personaly do NOT use or even want to use drugs, i believe in liberty. Right or wrong do waht you want.

  4. VH says:

    $33 billion on the "just say no" campaign? Crazy!

    There is also the unknown and painful cost of all the lives lost in turf battles and such.