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Hellooooo Miss VA!

Posted by The_Chef On 12:37 PM 2 comments

ABCNews has the lingerie photos of the Miss USA contestants.

Someone get Miss VA my phone number!

And of course people are freaking out about this from the Left-Wing feminists screeching about the objectification of women to the Right-Wing Moral Majority types yelling about the risque nature of the photos.

Me? I just kind of wanted to see what my home state lady looked like. Can't say I was disappointed.

Please leave your male-bashing, "The_Chef is a chauvinist pig!" comments for me to chuckle over.


2 Response for the "Hellooooo Miss VA!"

  1. Nicki says:

    You're a manpig, but she definitely is hot! :-p

  2. The_Chef says:

    At least I'm not a ManBearPig!