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You Can't Say That!

Posted by The_Chef On 4:08 PM 0 comments

The thought police strike again!
God forbid you be offended by a standup comic.

From the Comedian:

Mr. Earle said the complaint is an attack on comedians' right to perform. "I would never have expected it would get escalated to a philosophical battle."
Oh really? Of course it is, didn't you know that people have a RIGHT not to be offended. According to the article this is a "Human Rights Violation". This makes me sick. What about the slave labor camps in China? What about the butchery in Africa? What about the abuse of womens rights in States following Sharia Law?!

Of course ... I like this thought of his:
"I don't care if they're lesbians, heterosexuals, homosexuals or giraffes."
They're coming for you:


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