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More Government Idiocy

Posted by The_Chef On 5:17 PM 0 comments

Dave over at the War on Guns posted on this article, but I want to talk about it anyway.

So the Mexicans are telling us that the drug runners are getting their guns from the US. So now the US Government wants to give them $1.6 billion to help them stop this cartel crime.

So ... My tax dollars are not only going to the oh so successful War on Drugs, but they are going to help OTHER countries wage oh so successful wars on their drugs too? *sigh*

Prohibition was a failure in the 30s, has anything changed? Not when it comes to things like that.

Here's the other thing that bothers me. Apparently, at least according to this article, the guns are being purchased and shipped south. I'm sure there is a "Gunshow Loophole" argument in there somewhere. However the US Government is saying that the Drug cartels are using M16s and Grenade launchers. When was the last time you went to a gun show and saw on of these:

Can't say as I have. Is it possible that corrupt officials might be looking the other way when stores of Mexican weapons go missing? I wouldn't call it a stretch of imagination. We see it all the time in other countries with high levels of corruption (see Russia).

So thank you congress for more of my tax dollars going to absolutely worthless causes because ...

"Drugs are bad ... Mmkay?"


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