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Unite for Change ... yeah right!

Posted by The_Chef On 12:48 PM 2 comments

So people in our neighborhood were invited to a Obama House Meeting or whatever they are called. Essentially it's a meeting to socialize and connect with Obama supporters and drum up grassroots volunteers for voter registration and door to door campaigning.

It was ... hilarious.

I have never seen such a cadre of worshipful intellectual fools before. Well maybe I have but this came close to making me want to scream.

I walked in knowing I was in enemy territory, but I went enemy. Sun Tzu says, "If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles." Well this was an attempt to know my enemy. Not that McCain is any better mind you, this was simply an opportunity.

Several things stood out to me:
1.) These people were very good at regurgitating talking points about the war in Iraq, the supposed "energy crisis", that we are in, the state of health care, the "rich-poor gap" growing, the "disappearance" of the middle class, and various other bits of CNN soundbyte nonsense.

2.) One lady told me "Obama has libertarian leanings." I nearly fell out of my chair. I must have looked poleaxed. The man is a raving socialist and social engineer. He wan
ts to "protect the workers" by destroying the system that puts bread on their table.

3.) The same lady as mentioned above told me that she read and loved Ayn Rand. I almost threw up at that one. I like lots of the tenets of Objectivism, but I think Ayn Rand was a bitch and very shallow from a philosophical perspective and it has taken years to more fully develop her ideas. This woman had no idea what she was talking about because somehow Rand's vision of how society should be can somehow be moved toward by electing a politician who believes in a command and control economic system.

4.) This Messiah complex is completely out of hand. I mean the blind devotion in these people's eyes is just ... scary. It's like a CULT! And they all swear up and down that the democracy will die if we have another 4 years of a republican president. I kind of wanted to mention that this country was founded as a representative republic and still is such.

5.) No one in this group understands economics. They say that government should do X without consideration beyond X. Simple ignorance really, but even the ignorant vote

6.) No one knew what the definition of a recession was. When I told them it was two quarters of negative GDP growth or a net loss in GDP they looked at me like I was speaking Greek. MORONS!

7.) My my how they spoke about how eloquent a speaker Obama is. Oh how they went on about how this was a smart man that could lead this country. You know who else was eloquent? Joseph Goebbels, General Santa Ana, Mussolini, Stalin, Lenin, Ho Chi Mihn. Shall I go on? The point is that it's not the eloquence or the sophistry of the speaker ... it's the nature of the message. Has everyone forgotten this?!

The revolution will come. Here's a little reminder for anyone who values freedom:

(Image by Satansgoalie)


2 Response for the "Unite for Change ... yeah right!"

  1. When?? When the right thinking species will become Extinct?? Each day I wake up and each day these kind of people kill my spirits. Sometimes I wonder if they are all faking it up for personal gains.

    I get my sanctuary in these blogs like yours that I read after giving my best as an Educated coolie for these suckers to seize my rewards.

    If this is the case with the world's most rational I have any hope for ours like India??

  2. Justin says:

    Obama people are stupid. I almost fell out of my chair when I read about the women saying Obama had libertarian leanings. I think these people just want something to masturbate over for the next four years.