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It's the most ...

Posted by The_Chef On 3:36 PM 2 comments

... well it's the most "lets beg money off you" time of the year.

Don't get me wrong I'm a big fan of charitable giving. But I don't like being harassed as I walk out of Walmart.

I went in with the specific intention of buying a movie. I did just that and on my way out I get waylaid by some guy pandering for some sort of community anti-drug program.

Here's a quick rundown:
"Hey man, you want to contribute to X program to get people off of drugs."
"No thanks, I believe in legalizing drugs."
"WHAT?! How can you possibly believe that?"
"Because I believe in something called freedom."
"Man you think it's chaos now, it would be even worse!"

Fundamental assumptions of this idiot:
1.) Legalizing drugs would lead to increased use. This is unlikely.
2.) Anything "harmful" should be controlled by the state. Sure, because prohibition worked so well.
3.) If it's not controlled it will be "chaos". Markets aren't chaos, they are simply extremely complicated order.


2 Response for the "It's the most ..."

  1. Jay21 says:

    "WHAT?! How can you possibly believe that?"
    "Because I believe in something called freedom."

    Short and to the point.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yes, freedom. I hate harassment in public as well, in all manifestations. However, your pic using DARE in the context of legalizing drugs is a little offensive if you are at all familiar with the DARE program. Allow me to summarize: The acronym stands for Drug Abuse Resistance Education. This now worldwide organization focuses on educating children on the dangers of LEGAL and ILLEGAL drugs, the former includes but is not limited to alcohol, and also teaches coping skills related to bullying, internet safety, and gang resistance. (I know, the gang problem will be dimished with the legalization of drugs, but I do not agree with that either, and that is another conversation.) Please read here to see study results associated with the effects of drug use in children at a young age:

    I agree that current "illegal" drugs should be legalized. Oxycontin and other prescribed drugs can have just as devastating effect on a life as heroin or crack can. I also believe that children should be educated on the dangers of drug abuse, legal or otherwise. Do I like being accosted coming out of WalMart? No, but doesn't that person have the right and the freedom to approach me? Absolutely.