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You're an Asshole!

Posted by The_Chef On 9:55 PM 0 comments

So I suppose given my hiatus that the "You're an Asshole!" posts are no longer weekly but they shall remain a fixture of this irreverent website, until the day I'm taken out and shot for sedition of which I am sure to be accused of at some point.


Today's Asshole comes from NY.
Ah let's get a good look at you Ms. Carolyn McCarthy.

AH!! Oh god. Anyway ... This delightful human being had a detractor's house raided and a dozen guns taken from him. Now what the hell?

I mean if you disagree with someone about politics/policy it's okay to not like them, not associate with them, even hate them or call them names. But ... to unleash the Gestapo on them? I think not.

And all because "[t]he office staff felt that Razzano's behavior was disruptive and threatening". Oh really? Madam, I find your behavior disruptive and threatening.

I hope Mr. Razzano wins his suit. I also hope that you learn to be less of a douchbag, Rep. McCarthy.

As such Rep. McCarthy, You ... are an asshole.


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