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Retroactive Obscenity Laws.

Posted by The_Chef On 4:07 PM 0 comments

So much for freedom of trade and interaction.

Here's the article that brought this to my attention.

Now here is the part that pisses me off, aside from the fact that anything that could be "obscene", which is (do I even need to say it?) subjective in nature, is that this law can be imposed on someone after changing what "obscene" means by law.

For example: This picture, Obscene? Maybe to some.

So person X sells person Y a porn in 2000. Suddenly by new legislation in 2008, that porn is now "obscene" and person X can be charged with selling obscene material which would mean that Person X would be forced to register as a SEX OFFENDER! Wait ... Sure...

Let the government arbitrarily change the laws to "protect us" and then turn around and throws the book at you, which is retroactively legal, you are now a sex criminal and seen as the scum of society for operating within the law.

And people wonder why I hate centralized authority...


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