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So Simon over at the Cynical Libertarian told me that he's more partial to a good bourbon than Scotch. (Which I find odd given that Simon has access to all kinds of Scotch over in the UK than I don't here in the US.)

So I thought I would put a bit down about a few of my favorite bourbons. Now it should be said that when it comes to liquor I am more of a fan of Scotch at least straight or with a bit of water in it. However, bourbon is one of the things that convinces me that there is a God and that he wants us to enjoy life!
Now, on to the booze:
Maker's Mark:
This is my normal Bourbon and while it's not exclusive or aged for a certain number of years (They have tasters taste it to determine when each cask is ready to be used.)
I like this stuff, it's just a great standby in your shelf.
It's got a great caramel color to it and it's got a nice bourbon aroma to it that just escapes out when you first crack that seal.
It's smooth and warming and it goes great with ginger ale on ice. This is simply a delicious bourbon.


Another of my favorites is Woodford Reserve. This is just good stuff.
You can take everything I said about Maker's and just amplify it. The taste is out of this world and it's just ... the only word I have to describe it is .. YUM!


This is also really good but you might have to walk into the store and ask them to get it for you. It's not a common bourbon, but it's VERY VERY good.

It has a slightly different taste than either of the two examples above. This is a 12 year bourbon that is incredibly smooth. I really like this one the way I like my scotch, just a smidge of water to bring the flavor out and open up the boutique of this wonderful bourbon.

WARNING: This stuff ain't no Jim Beam and you might find yourself hooked on it



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