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Why I Hate the TSA pt. I

Posted by The_Chef On 8:54 AM 2 comments

Let's face it, I don't travel much, but when I do I don't like to be groped, prodded, patted, and fingered by people. Just as I don't like that in normal life. But somehow these goons that work for the Transportation Safety Administration are allowed to abuse me as much as they want in the name of "safety." I'm sick of some big wet douche who barely graduated High School and has an IQ level below that of some deep-sea invertebrates digging through my property. This lack of intelligence is demonstrated here.

Ab-freakin'-surd. Seriously ... what the hell is wrong with this country. We're like damn sheep! This has truly reached a level of absurdity that just blows my mind. That people put up with this shit is simply a joke. The best thing for airline safety is to allow passengers to carry pocketknives and knitting needles and maybe even a chainsaw onto a plane. Seriously...

These regulations exist to make people "feel" safe. In fact, if people have learned what the loopholes are, we are actually LESS safe. It's ridiculous. I don't get it. How is some 360 pound walrus rooting through my bags supposed to make me feel better about traveling in the air?

This is bullshit and its time people stood up and called the TSA and police out on their bullshit and abuse.

Police state's suck and I'm tired of living in one where everything you do is watched and everyone 'could be' the next terrorist. Well right now, I'm pretty scared, but not of some Islamic whack-job, I'm scared of the government and the power it is wielding over those of us who live in this country.

Who is terrorizing whom?


2 Response for the "Why I Hate the TSA pt. I"

  1. theantilib says:

    "...I don't like to be groped, prodded, patted, and fingered by people."

    Liar. You know that it all depends on *who* is doing the groping, prodding, patting, and fingering. For example, Al Gore. You know you want him baaaaaaaaaad ;-)

    I don't know. It sounds like the woman may have thrown a hissy fit and is now playing the victim card to garner sympathy (and consequently exact her revenge) from a gullible and paranoid public ready to believe the worst of a government-run agency. *cough* ;-) I wouldn't rush to judgment.

    On the other hand, I'm sure there are power-tripping TSA agents out there, as you will find in any law enforcement vocation. The nature of the job naturally attracts bullies.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Miserable, servile curs like the antlib are why this shit is accellerating. We know which side HE'LL be on when the boiling point is finally reached. Boot licking Apologists for the Police State make me puke.