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... But It's For the Children!

Posted by The_Chef On 12:15 PM 1 comments

And the brainwashing of kids continues...

Though, I should state that this is less of brainwashing and actually a very very scary way to control whether children are getting the "right" kind of parenting.

So what happens when some parent isn't teaching their child the appropriate "state approved" behavior patterns. What happens when those parents teach their kids to question authority and always ask "WHY?"

This is kind of ... frightening to say the least.

The Pre-K Act poses similar concerns about government trumping parents' rights.

"Once they are involved, they don't have any say over curriculum," she said. "There's plenty of evidence of preschool curriculum that deals with issues that have nothing to do with a child's academic development – like gender, gender identity, careers, environmentalism, multiculturalism, feminism and all of that – things that don't amount to a hill of beans as far as a child learning how to read."

In Soviet Russia the state actively tried to remove the parents from the development of their children in order to make them more productive and politically compliant members of the Motherland. If you see no parallels between these policies and the Soviet ones, please do us all a favor and stick your head in a meat grinder.

Upcoming posts.

Posted by The_Chef On 2:53 PM 3 comments

I have several things to post about that are in draft right now:

Gas Prices, maybe still not as high as the 70's.

The Politicization of our energy "crisis".

The Mortgage bailout of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Since no one reads this blog ... I'm sure no one gives a damn.


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The blog MPD Enforcer 2.0 is critical of the current police administration and is bringing corruption to the fore. The police Director, a one Mr. Godwin, is trying to have the anonymous identities of the bloggers obtained most of these people blogging are police officers trying to draw attention to the corruption int he department. Essentially he is trying to use a legal beating stick to silence the opposition.

This is becoming a first ammendment issue. What happens when we can no longer criticize the government or it's lackeys?

Here is a News bit on it.

And here's another:

Go support the blog! If only 1/4 of the corruption being discussed on MPD Enforcer is accurate Godwin needs to be tarred, feathered, and run out of town on a rail.

You're an Asshole!

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So I suppose given my hiatus that the "You're an Asshole!" posts are no longer weekly but they shall remain a fixture of this irreverent website, until the day I'm taken out and shot for sedition of which I am sure to be accused of at some point.


Today's Asshole comes from NY.
Ah let's get a good look at you Ms. Carolyn McCarthy.

AH!! Oh god. Anyway ... This delightful human being had a detractor's house raided and a dozen guns taken from him. Now what the hell?

I mean if you disagree with someone about politics/policy it's okay to not like them, not associate with them, even hate them or call them names. But ... to unleash the Gestapo on them? I think not.

And all because "[t]he office staff felt that Razzano's behavior was disruptive and threatening". Oh really? Madam, I find your behavior disruptive and threatening.

I hope Mr. Razzano wins his suit. I also hope that you learn to be less of a douchbag, Rep. McCarthy.

As such Rep. McCarthy, You ... are an asshole.

I'm alive...

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... just haven't felt like blogging much.

Oh and The Dark Knight was freakin' sweet! Banned!

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Hosted by Drew Carey:
Sorry kids, I'm OCD enough for an oversized video blocking things to piss me off.
Here is the link to's video "Banned" Which related to the nanny state.

All I can say is that I'm with Carey on this. I don't need someone running my life, I can handle it myself.


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Right so I just thought I'd share some awesome music that I've been listening to recently. Most of this is odd or Progressive stuff so if you haven't heard of it, it happens. Also please note that not all of these albums came out in 2008.

Indricothere - Indricothere
In Mourning - Shrouded Divine
Disillusion - Back to Times of Splendor (I HIGHLY recommend finding this album.)
Disillusion - Gloria
Ihsahn - angL
(The third track has a vocal duet with Ihsahn and Mikael Akerfeldt of Opeth fame.)
Opeth - Watershed
(The kings of Progressive Death-Metal are back and this album is freakin' sweet)
Ulver - Shadows of the Sun
(Very good instrumental/Ambient/Avant-garde folk)
Go out, find these albums, or preview some of the music online, I'm sure that using Google they aren't hard to find.

(Links updated)

You're an Asshole!

Posted by The_Chef On 11:21 AM 0 comments

Time for another installment of the supposedly weekly 'You're an Asshole' column.

Today's asshole, none other than my OWN SENATOR!

Yes ... Sen. Warner ... let's take a look at you:

Ah yes, well this dried up ol' fossil wants to 'look into' a national speed limit being imposed to force people to conserve fuel (like $4 a gallon for gas isn't making people do that already).

Well Senator Warner, I would like to introduce you to some of my friends that disagree:

These delightful automotive monsters vehemently protest.

So, for trying to make the rest of us less productive because we need to "slow down". You Sen John Warner ... are an asshole.


Posted by The_Chef On 1:34 PM 5 comments

"Irony." The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition. Houghton Mifflin Company, 2004. 04 Jul. 2008.>.

Definition of:
Irony- d. Incongruity between what might be expected and what actually occurs

Wha ... I ... WHAT THE HELL? I thought the tramp stamp was a sign of promiscuity. In fact to most males it's a glaring neon sign that says "I put out."

Now I know this isn't true for many women, but that is the male perception in large part.

I don't ... even know what to say about this aside form the fact that the irony of this does not escape me.

Happy July 4th Everyone!

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Yes well it's that time of the year when idiots get up and have the gall to stand up and sing the National Anthem or God Bless America or any other 'Patriotic' song without bothering to think about whether we are what we should be.

Today was the day that a bunch of crusty rich white guys decided to give the collective finger to the British Crown. Now these crusty ol' white guys weren't stupid. They understood that government eats up liberty if not kept tightly in reign. The problem is that in the last 232 years we've forgotten what this country was about.

It's not about equal outcomes or welfare or a 'living' wage or safety or food stamps or fiat currency or a police state. It's about the ability to be free. The founding fathers would ignite from the friction of spinning in their graves if they knew what was happening to this country. Now some can ask "Well what if they got it wrong?" I suppose that's a valid question and is usually used by Europeans in discussions about the 2nd Amendment. Maybe, but ... if you want to establish a society designed to maximize the freedom of the component individuals, then I think they did a pretty damn good job. That was after all the goal, was it not? To create a Government that would respect the rights of individuals, lest they rise up in force.

Wasn't this government designed to protect individual rights instead of stomping all over them in the name of Equal Outcome, Social Justice, or Terrorism Prevention?

What has happened to us ... and can we ever get back to the way things are supposed to be?

T-Shirt Hell Gets it RIGHT!

Posted by The_Chef On 7:16 PM 1 comments

Yep. Thank you T-Shirt Hell.

National Healthcare Not Working

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... well no shit? Really? Huh, who would have figured?

I mean ... I thought that the European model was what we should strive after and after all this money being thrown at the problem by the British Government, the problem should have fixed itself by now. Don't ya think? Instead ... the British still can't get proper dental care.

Ya know Britain, I have a solution... Privatize it all ... Oh wait ... I'm sorry that's "privatise" to all of you on the other side of the pond.

Ground Zero Fiasco

Posted by The_Chef On 1:53 PM 1 comments

From the Wall Street Journal
Who is surprised that nothing is getting done? No me. I mean ... with all those government agencies making sure that everything is getting done according to their plan, how are things not going great?

And some of the bozos in Washington want to cram national Healthcare down our throats... yup ... this will work out great.

What I Want!

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Someone, who seemed exasperated that I hated all of the candidates for president snidely asked me: Well what do you want?
I want the government to have less power in every aspect, not more. Of course people see a 'crisis' coming and they turn into a bunch of bleating sheep who beg the government to save them or do something about it. The road to hell is paved with good intentions they say. I want my country back and I don't want some politician telling me that I should be a slave to someone else because it's "moral". Fuck you, I live for me, not for someone else.

Become Part of the Collective

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... You ... Must ... Submit.
NO greater good? Thank you ... thank you so much for enlightening me to the idea that mindless self-sacrifice is the only human moral good. Idiots. The founding fathers would be spinning in their graves.

Retroactive Obscenity Laws.

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So much for freedom of trade and interaction.

Here's the article that brought this to my attention.

Now here is the part that pisses me off, aside from the fact that anything that could be "obscene", which is (do I even need to say it?) subjective in nature, is that this law can be imposed on someone after changing what "obscene" means by law.

For example: This picture, Obscene? Maybe to some.

So person X sells person Y a porn in 2000. Suddenly by new legislation in 2008, that porn is now "obscene" and person X can be charged with selling obscene material which would mean that Person X would be forced to register as a SEX OFFENDER! Wait ... Sure...

Let the government arbitrarily change the laws to "protect us" and then turn around and throws the book at you, which is retroactively legal, you are now a sex criminal and seen as the scum of society for operating within the law.

And people wonder why I hate centralized authority...